Star Wars: Genesis

Off to Arbooine!

Adventure 3

Everyone returns back to HQ for a few days to file reports, clean up, and prepare for your journey to Arbooine. The trip will take a day or two with the Bus, as you head south towards the continent of Arbooine. There is a small village called Kelp, on the northern coast of Arbooine, and there you can gather information. Max tells you that you will need to make your way to the local Je’daii Outpost to check in and let them know you are in the area. He will radio ahead to let them know you will be stopping by.

You access the Holocron to try and gather more information. "Suljo Warde met Gel Marcolf while taking up residence in Dawn Temple, and he sensed that the young Murachan was strong in the Force. He hoped to induct him into the Je’daii Order and perhaps even take him on as a Padawan after his early training. As of my creation, however, Warde had not yet explained this to Marcolf. He was not yet mature enough. ”

The gatekeeper crosses his arms and gazes upward, as if remembering. “Suljo Warde had Marcolf with him when he headed to Arbooine to seek out an ancient temple there. It was rumored to be located near the town of Quolas. At the time, Quolas was torn by a violent feud between two families, those of Helshar and Tumris. The residents of Quolas are fundamentally good people, but prone to long-held grudges. Warde brought Marcolf with him in the hopes that the young man might learn something about conflict resolution and the real responsibilities of a Je’daii Ranger."

Info about Arbooine

The Ancient Forest covers most of Arbooine, and it’s near impenetrable forest canopy stands hundreds of meters tall. Arbooine contains many different kinds of wildlife specific to the area, including many deadly predators. This is why most people living on Arbooine, live in villages in the trees. The largest settlement on Arbooine is called Quolas, and its people follow different traditions compared to most of Tython. There is also a Je’daii outpost there you can check in at or get information.

Once ready you head out on the bus, the trip is long and boring, you make a few stops along the way. After about a day and a half, Gage informs you that you should be coming up on Arbooine soon.

As you break through the clouds, a dense, impenetrable canopy of green spreads out before you, broken here and there by mountains and massive lakes. The gatekeeper provides you with coordinates for the town of Quolas, but when you arrive, the thick foliage prevents you from visually confirming the settlement’s exact location, let alone landing there. Finally, you spot the small coastal village of Kelp and head there. The ship lands safely, everyone gets out and stretches their legs. You soon find the Stone Goat Stables, rent goats and head out to the Je’daii outpost.

Along the way you encounter the deadly Bearsloths. Eventually you arrive at the Je’daii Outpost to find most of the Rangers dead. Accessing the security cameras you see Sarenda and a Ranger you haven’t found yet.

He takes her towards a back room where the vault is. She asks him something, you see him shrug. She draws the strange crude blade and to your surprise thrusts it into the metal door of the vault with little ease. Then, as if simply cutting through butter, she cuts a giant circle in the door. She then withdraws the blade, puts her hand up against the metal and shoves it in. Suddenly coming from off camera you see another Ranger with his rifle up and aiming at her. He fires a shot, she easily reflects it back at him and he falls to the ground. She steps in, a few minutes later steps back out with some kind of book.

After more searching you come across the young ranger, crazed and out of control. Quickly subduing him, you rough him up a little till he becomes coherent. He tells you his name is Mack and he was completing his Journeyer training here on Arbooine.

Everyone helps to bury the dead Rangers, clean up and try to get a message out. Being late and everyone tired and wounded you decide to stay the night at the outpost….



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