Star Wars: Genesis

Je'daii Outpost - Arbooine


During the evening at the Je’daii Outpost, you ask Mack about Qualos. He gives you some details about it.

“Qualos is one of the largest settlements on Arbooine. The residents of the city proper number a few thousand, speaking to Arbooine’s sparse population. The inhabitants of Quolas are mostly Murachan, with the exception of the town’s leader, Gel Marcolf, and a small Military garrison nearby.”

“Quolas is built within the gargantuan boughs of one of Arbooine’s most ancient elrit trees. Most structures are nestlike orbs that serve as lodgings and shops, but the inhabitants have also carved into portions of the tree, even tunnelling into the root system. The leaves of the vast elrit tree cast a facsimile of dusk over much of Quolas during the day, and their rustling fills the air at night.”

“The village of Qualos is known for the beauty and complexity of it’s carved and woven wood. The skill and craftsmanship required simply to reshape such an environment is evident enough, but artisans have additionally carved exquisite patterns and works of art into the wood of the interior and exterior alike. These images, varying from abstract patterns to sculptures of animal life and important ancestors, emerge directly from the bark of the tree and other surfaces.”

“Natural sunlight is the primary source of illumination in Quolas, refracted through large amber lenses set high in the tree. Strategically situated mirrors carry the light all the way to the base of the settlement and even down into the root system. When night falls, glow rods and torches provide illumination as needed, although most of the residents set their own schedules by the rising and setting of the sun. Artificial light is most needed along the exterior platforms and battlements, to allow the night watch to guard against bearsloths and other predators. For this purpose, torches are often used, as fire has the added benefit of frightening many of the animals.”

“There is only a single entrance to Quolas at ground level: a large metal gate set directly into the exterior of the massive tree. At least one guard is posted at all times. Quolas receives visitors only infrequently; raising or lowering the gate is something of an ordeal, requiring great effort to turn the crank that hoists it. The gate is kept closed at most times, though this is mostly a token gesture, as it could hardly keep out an large force intent on entering the city. If merchants, farmers, or travelers are coming and going, the gate might be left open for short periods during the day, but the guards are extremely unwilling to open the gate except by absolute necessity at night.”



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