Star Wars: Genesis

Military Garrison

Mr'uuva - Recon

Mr’uuva sets out at dusk, stealthily sneaking out by leaping down from battlement to battlement on the outside of the massive elrit tree. He eventually hits the ground without making a sound, and stalks out into the darkness looking for the military garrison.

With the directions from the innkeeper, it doesn’t take long to find it. Mr’v hides in the growth not too far away to get a good view. The garrison is made up of a large, box shaped metal structure with a giant blastdoor. Covering the structure and surrounding area is a razor mesh fence, mostly likely electrified to keep all the predators out. There are large standing lights covering the area, making everything visible. There is also a patrol of two troopers, casually walking the inside perimeter of the fence.

Mr’v hides in the bushes, observing the garrison. Before long, he hears the familiar sound of a Tython tracked troop transport coming towards the garrison. The two troopers that were patrolling quickly make their way to the gate to let the armored vehicle in. The transport stops a little ways in. The hatch opens and out pours the ten troopers and Lieutenant the group saw earlier in Qualos. The large blast door opens and eight more troopers exit. The Lieutenant begins barking orders and the troopers start moving about in a frenzy.

M’rv looks over into the structure to see if he can make out anything. He notices something large and armored, possibly a combat mechanoid of some sort. He sees the Lieutenant walking towards the entrance; she begins talking to someone inside. Mr’v moves around to get a better view, to his shock and surprise he sees Sarenda, red cloak, sword and all. The hatred consumes him, his predatory instincts ready to burst at the seams… He calms himself, looks down and realizes he was clutching his pendant. Shaking away the feeling, he centers himself in the force. The Lieutenant and Sarenda head back inside. Mr’v realizing he is outnumbered decides to go back and let everyone know the situation.



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