Jahk Oort

A Jed'aii scholar with a thirst for knowledge and a knack for healing


The force had decreed from day one that Jahk Oort would be a scholar. Even as a toddler, he showed a remarkable knack for learning about the world. His parents even claim, to this day, that he learned to read by age 3. His talent was acknowledge by the Jed’aii order and soon he began training in the force and knowledge.

As he aged into a adult, his dedication to knowledge never wavered. The force was a mystery to be explained. It, like the universe, must be governed by a set of principles that cannot be refuted. Jahk believed that knowledge was hidden in the many force-imbued artifacts that appeared across Tython. This led him to discover his knack for force forging, despite a lack of formal training.

As oft happens, the acquisition of knowledge led to bullheaded belief. While Jahk was often correct in his assertions, he became less interested in the opinions of other, believing (often in error) that his theories were the only possible theories. Some of his mentors would also claim that he was reckless in his pursuit of knowledge, choosing to blindly explore ancient artifacts with little regard for the possible dangers. To Jahk, the knowledge gained was worth any risk.

Despite this, Jahk’s intellectual pursuits eventually lead him to medicine. Again, Jahk received little formal training, but quickly learned to channel the force into living creatures to ease their pain (conversely, he learned he could also increase the suffering of a foe). When not researching, Jahk would assist at the local medical centers. He felt at home easing the suffering of others.

Jahk knows that he is not a leader, nor is especially suited to the life of a Jed’aii Ranger. He knows his companions would have little use for him, if not for innate ability to heal. He claims being a ranger suits his needs. That it gives him an opportunity to visit new force sites, acquire force relics, and document the undocumented. That is not the truth. The truth is this… Jahk believes that true power of the force lies within Ashla, not balance. His participation with the rangers removes him from his role at the temple, allowing him to experiment with Ashla’s power. Only the force will tell if his experiment will prove fool-hardy.

Jahk Oort

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