Force Imbued Weapon


ImagesThe practices and techniques that the Tythonian Je’daii use to create force-imbued blades has been a longstanding tradition, that is passed down from master to apprentice. Typically, each blade is created by a Je’daii after advancing past the rank of Padawan and becoming a Je’daii Journeyer or Je’daii Ranger of the Order. Initiates forge high-carbon steel in the furnaces of the academy in an extremely challenging ritual that melds the blade’s molecular lattice with that of an energy crystal, making the blade and the crystal one-in-the-same, allowing the blade to be imbued with the force.Gun

Force-imbued blades are solid metal blades that required no power source, and that glow with the power of the Force coursing through them; this glow can manifest itself in multiple ways, ranging from lightning like striations, a discoloration of the blade, a fire like manifestation, or not at all. Imbued with the force, the blades are preternaturally strong and sharp, being capable of cutting effortlessly through most materials, with the exception of reinforced metals such as durasteel, which take more effort.

The more non-traditional Je’daii, such as those who prefer slug throwers to blades, have been known to create other types of Force imbued weapons, such as a pistol. They may not be able to block or deflect a shot, however the fine craftsmanship and Force combination create a pretty powerful weapon.


Force Imbued Weapon

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