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The planet Tython and its inhabitants have flourished despite its constant struggle to stay in balance. Civilization and technology has prospered, as have the cities surrounding the three great Jeā€™daii temples. Outside the cities is a lush world of breathtaking beauty, whose weather is plagued by naturally occurring Force Storms. Living among the chaos are beasts both docile and fierce, all living in harmony with the planet’s bizarre phenomenon.

Across the planet unique and mysterious physical and sentient-built features existed. Two natural structures of note are the Rift and the Abyss of Ruh which exists within it; these sites are the nexus of bizarre beasts and plants which defy the natural order of the planet. Additionally the Silent Desert is a perplexing feature in which all sound dies in the vast waste’s sands.

Culture and Style

Jedi1Mal print webThis setting is a mixture or traditional fantasy, steampunk, and sci-fi. The Je’daii traditionaly wear clothing similar to the Asian Martial Arts culture. Being believers of balancing the Force between light and dark, there is a wide variety of style within the Je’daii culture (Monk, Samurai, Martial Arts Gees). Of course there are Je’daii that choose to wear non traditional garb, based on the non Je’daii culture.

The non Je’daii culture, is a mixture of Neo Old West (think Firefly; tends to be the poorer culture), and a Steampunk Victorian look (think latest 3 Musketeers movie; upper class/politicians/etc). There are no energy weapons, all are slug throwers.


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