Star Wars: Genesis

Episode 2 Chapter 1

New Mission

All of you have arrived per your summons to Temple Relay, home of the Je’daii council. Everyone meets in the great hall; there is much reminiscing and catching up. Finally the doors to the council chamber open and you all file in. Before you sits the Je’daii council, made up of the wisest and most powerful of the Je’daii masters. A few you recognize are, Deek’s uncle, Lord Mata Relay and at the center and head of the council is Master Kerrick Zahn.

Master Zahn motions for everyone to quiet down so he can speak. “Greetings Rangers. I know it has been a few years since you have all been together as a team. You have lived the lives of a Ranger in one facet or another over the last 5 years. A few of you begrudgingly came (he smiles). But, you have been called here this day by the council for a very important mission. An old friend would like to speak with you first.”

Master Zahn motions to a side door, it opens and a very old man comes shuffling out. He slowly and weakly takes a seat. Looks up at you all and smiles. You are confused at first, but then realize the old man before you is Kai, though he looks to of aged about 40 years. Kai speaks, “Hello my friends. As you can tell I have been on a very long journey. (He chuckles) For some reason I have aged quite quickly in the last few years. The scientists believe is has something to do with my time in the crystal. However, that is of no concern for I have lived a life most never will.”

“When I first was freed from the crystal, I had no memory of my past or what had happened. I felt that a journey retracing my steps would help me to remember. Back in my time, a cult worshipping Bogan had arisen. They brought havoc and unbalance across the land. Together my brothers and I fought against them for many years. Finally, we found the head of the snake. He turned out to be one of our most trusted mentors, a father even. He tried to bring us into his fold, but the brothers were strong and defeated him.” Kai pauses for a moment, seems to be struggling but catches his breath.

“Years passed; the brothers split and had separate lives. Many started families and lived the life of a settled man. Fynrik (maurachan), summoned us all together one day. The Force had brought him a vision, one of great destruction and imbalance across Tython. We had to travel back to where we gathered our materials for our great weapons. We traveled back to the forbidden zone, across the Silent Desert to Qigong Kesh, the Temple of Reflection.

Our journey took a while, but we could see the imbalance in Tython happening around us. We finally arrived at the Temple, Fynrik began preparations on a ritual that would stop the forthcoming destruction. The focal point of the ritual would be my weapon. Its great power would help in defeating the problems to come. I was fine with this, I had a family now, and my days of fighting were over.” Kai pauses again, you can tell him just speaking is using up most of his energy.

“Finally the ritual began, I stood in the middle, the Force swirled around the blade and I. Ashla and Bogan coursed though both the blade and I until we became one. Suddenly there was a loud explosion, next thing I knew I stood among you all with no memory until now. I have no idea if the ritual worked or served its purpose. But miraculously here I sit 1000 years later.” He smiles at you all. You can tell Kai has said all he can.

Master Zahn speaks up at that moment, “Yes that is amazing Master Kai. Now your journey has left you exhausted, I suggest you go and relax in your room while we prepare the rangers for their mission.” Kai smiles at Master Zahn, he attempts to get up, and few initiates rush over to help him. They begin to walk out, Kai stops beside Jahk and quietly says “Come see me in the morning, I will have something for you.” He then leaves the room with the initiates.

Master Zahn looks to you all. “Now, the mission at hand. One of our undercover operatives has been gathering information on a new organized crime group.” He looks over at one of your fellow rangers. “Ranger M’ruuva, what can you tell us about this new criminal element?”

-They have been buying up ancient Force artifacts.
-They use Bandits and other gangs and their face.
-Some whispers have said they are a cult.

Master Zahn speaks up again, “Our most recent intel has sightings of possible activity near the Akablas Ruins.”

-The Temple is ancient and abandoned. The area around it is dangerous and very strong in the force.
-The Temple is to the south, in a vast unpopulated part of Tython.

“As you know flying transportation has recently been limited to the Military, so you will have to travel there by beast or other mode. Ranger Relay has been kind enough to bring some beasts from his homestead. If tradition is true they should be some of the finest in the land.” He smiles towards Deek.

“If you don’t have any questions, you will rest here for the night and head out in the morning.”

Everyone decides to sleep for the night and retires to their rooms.

It’s the same dream you have every night. You stand upon a cliff… no something much greater. You are looking down upon Tython. So high up that you can see the entire world. As always, half is covered in Darkness the other in Light, and they appear to be gaining and losing ground with each other. Tonight however, something is different. The energy in the Darkness seems different, more active. Lightning consistently arcs through it. Suddenly, the energy explodes and the darkness overcomes the light!

You awaken to a disturbance in the force, an imbalance jolts everyone awake. You hear a woman scream, a man yells, there is some sort of scuffle. You walk out into the hall to other quarters doors opened and people standing about.

-Man is laying on the floor, he appears to be stabbed. A woman is kneeling beside him.
-Master Kai’s door is open, there looks what might be blood on the door.

(Master Kai) Walking up to his door, you see a bloody handprint sliding down. Looking in you see furniture tossed around, personal items scattered about. You also see two people lying dead on the floor and Master kai laying with his back in the corner. He appears to be wounded and unconscious. Suddenly Je’daii healers come rushing in, they push you out of the way and start attending to the Master Kai.

-Kai is unresponsive.
-Looking at the two dead people on the floor they appear to be maintenance workers.
-Looks like they were killed by Kai’s blade.

You catch the trail of the perpetrator and follow him. Running out into the street, you are ambushed by bandits. You fight your way through till finally finding the body of the man who attack Master Kai. It seems he bled to death and didn’t make it to where he was going. He has a large leather bound book that belongs to Master Kai. Inside you see that it is his journal. Towards the back of the book the pages have been carved out, inside you find a crudely made holocron.

You return to the temple to see Master Kai. Upon entering his room you see that these are his last moments. He reassures you that he has lived a full life and it is his time. He pulls out a crystal and says, “This will help to answer questions you may have on your journey. You will have to fight a great unbalance in the days to come. I know you can do it, as my brothers and I did. May the Force be with you my friends.” He smiles one last time, the crystal begins to glow. Suddenly, Master Kai’s body disappears from the bed and the crystal lands where he laid.

Jahk places the crystal in the holocron. The holocron begins to glow and reshape. A small, glowing image of a very young Master Kai appears. “Greetings, I am Kai! What can I help you with?”

In the morning you prepare for your mission to check out the rumors near the Aklabas Ruins.



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