Star Wars: Genesis

Hall of Ancestors

Jahk - Research

Jahk sets off looking for a knowledge repository of some sort. He asks a few of the locals about a library, data terminal, anything that could help him learn some history. All the locals tell Jahk to check out the Hall of Ancestors, located on one of the high levels of the tree. It takes about an hour and half but eventually he makes it there. The entrance to the hall is a large ornately carved door, depicting some event in the history of Qualos. Jahk stares for a moment becoming entranced, for a moment the images begin to move. He shakes his head to clear his mind; he realizes he must be tired from the exhausting trip up here.

Upon entering the hall, Jahk is amazed to see this massive of a room carved out of the bowel of the tree. Jahk sees some shelves with books on them, but not the amount he was hoping to find. What does take up most of the room, are the woven wooden totems telling the history of Qualos and its people. Before long, Jahk is approached by an old but friendly Murachan. He introduces himself as Jorge Slyk, and is the Keeper of the Hall of Ancestors. Jahk explains that he is doing some research of Qualos and its history and was hoping to peruse the books. Jorge welcomes him to do so, but says most of the history can be found within the totems. Jahk tells Jorge he will take his chances with the books, and goes about researching.

After a couple hours, not much information turns up. A lot of the books are from outside of Arbooine and are common, just not in this area. Jahk sighs in frustration as Jorge knowingly walks over with a smile on his face. “I can show you the history if you give me a chance.” Jahk, apprehensive towards the small lizard folk, nods his head reluctantly. “As you know our world is strong in the Force, Ashla and Bogan flow through all living things. Because of this, there can be many interpretations on which a person uses it. Many become Je’daii and great warriors to protect our world, others have used it for evil, and my people have used it to preserve our history.”

Jorge walks over to one of the totems, its large interwoven shape stretches up to the ceiling. “This totem tells the history of Qualos beginning. The earliest Murachan were drawn to the already large elrit tree. It spoke to them, provided everything they would need to live.” Jahk looks at it, he can make out some designs and shapes but it doesn’t seem to tell him anything. “I am not sure what I am looking for?” Jorge chuckles a little, “You are looking with the wrong eyes. I sense a great power in you; use that to observe the totem.” Jahk looks to the totem again, closes his eyes and centers himself in the Force. Opening his eyes again he looks at the totem. To his surprise it begins to move and form shapes, he sees small tribal looking Murachan walking through the young forest. He can tell they are drawn towards something, a calling of some sort. Time lapses and he sees them coming up on a big tree, their home.

The vision ends and Jahk lets a breath out he didn’t realize he was holding in. Jorge smiles at Jahk, “Now that I have taught you the right way, you should be able to find all the info you are looking for.” Jahk begins his research. After a few hours, he gathers enough information to get an idea of what’s going on.

The Helshar and Tumris clans have been feuding for generations. Why it started no one exactly knows. Some say it was over property, others say it was about tradition, most think it was star crossed lovers that ended tragically. Whatever the case, about 100 years ago, both Clan leaders wanted the position of Baron of Qualos. The two clans feuding became worse and lives were lost. That’s when Warde and his apprentice Marcolf showed up to diffuse the situation. He convinced both clans to elect a neutral Baron, one who could be fair, just and see both sides of the situations. Warde set up a young Marcolf as Baron. Warde left at some point (most likely to finish the holocron), and never returned.

Under Marcolf’s reign, life in Qualos has gotten progressively worse. He rules with an Iron Fist, is cruel and has no respect for the people and its traditions. He has even recently started tearing down totems, and having statues of himself put up.



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