Epilogue Episode 1

Epilogue to Episode 1…

Your surprise at a long lost brother of legend appearing out of nowhere has left you with many questions. The man before confirms he is Kai, but his memory is missing and he is not sure what happened. He can recall his time as a young child, growing up with his 3 adopted brothers. He remembers venturing out as a Ranger for the first time, and first encountering the Bogan cult. He remembers falling in love with his beautiful Kayla Oort and marrying her. Lastly, he remembers having to venture out one more time with his brothers. Something strange had happened, something they had to deal with. … He shakes his head and is unsure.

He recognizes you as Rangers by your badges, and asks questions. You tell him where he is, what year it is, what technology is like now. You also tell him the circumstances at what you think brought him here. Somehow putting his weapon back together caused him to appear, but you’re not sure why or how.

Everyone boards the military boat, and heads back to the main city of Alara. You all report to the Je’daii temple about what has been happening over the last few months. You talk about the ancient temples you have explored, finding a holocron that belonged to an old Je’daii master, and your chase and capture of Sarenda. You also tell them about the ancient weapon and appearance of Kai, one of the 4 brothers of legend.

The Council is very surprised and excited at Kai’s return. Each of you is awarded the Medal of Exemplary Courage and Service, for retrieving the ancient weapon and bringing Kai back. Kai is taken in by the Council so they can learn his knowledge.

A month passes, all of you returned to your HQ in Alara. It’s been a slow month, not much action, especially compared to what you all had been through. You have had mostly dealings in the city with crime and keeping balance. One evening there is a knock at your door. Kai walks in, and greats you all. He explains that he has been filling in the council on missing parts from the past. He clarified mistakes and helped them to understand what he could remember. Unfortunately, his memory hasn’t fully returned. You ask about the Force Forging used to create his weapon, but sadly that is one of the key memories he doesn’t have at the moment.

Kai tells you that he has decided to travel, see Tython, and hopefully help his memory to return. A few of you volunteer to go, but he tells you it is not necessary and your place is here as Rangers helping those in need and keeping balance. Jahk, offers for Kai to take T.O.M with him. T.O.M. activates before Kai, he mentions that they had a Mechanoid just like this. T.O.M. looks at Kai for a moment, you all hear a buzzing and whirling noise from within T.O.M., the crystal on his chest glows….

“Protocol 4B-K active… Master Kai, it is good to see you! I have been waiting a long time for your return. Master Fyndrik said it would happen.”

Kai mentions something about the Force working in strange ways, the rest of you stand there stunned. You knew T.O.M. was an old Mechanoid, just not that old.

They bid their goodbyes and leave you in your HQ, to be the rangers you swore to be….

Epilogue Episode 1

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