Episode 2 - Ancient Menace Arises

Episode 2 – Ancient Menace Arises

It has been five years since the appearance of Kai and your adventures chasing and capturing Sarenda. After being awarded your medals, you were each given the choice of your next assignment. Some of you continued training to better yourselves in different facets of being a Ranger. Some stayed active on the mean streets of Tython. Others took the freedom that Rangers are given and ventured out into the wide world to explore, help those in need, maintain a balance and obey the duties and traditions that Rangers take as an oath. You were also required to remain in contact with the Je’daii order and report in at times.

One day, an official message arrives from the Order. You are to report immediately to Temple Relay, where the Je’daii Council meets. The orders state you are being reassigned, and must appear before the council as soon as possible….

At this point each player is granted 30xp which must be spent on a Specialization either within their first career (20xp to buy into), or a new career (30xp to buy into). If you already bought into a 2nd specialization you can spend the 30xp in that tree. Also if you have a 2nd specialization that you bought but haven’t spent much into, you can possibly trade for a spec out of the other books, if you want it bad enough.

This XP is for a 2nd Specializations, no one will have 3 yet.

I am OPENING all books and careers up to the group now. This includes Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire and all their supplements. You are more than welcome to stay in Force and Destiny, but feel free to try something non FnD related.

Few stipulations!

-May not take the Force classes in AoR and EotE!

-Try not to cheese/minmax/munchkin this bitch up. Find something that compliments your character, or is something you want to try for run.

-I need a background story of what has happened with your character the last 5 years. How was their time as a Ranger spent? If you went a non FnD specializaition, I want a reason why in the story. If the story inspires me and I like it, there may be extra xp involved. However it has to tie into the campaign, and include things you want seen for your character in the story.

In 5 years, your character has acquired a savings of 6000 credits, which may be spent on Rarity 7 (GM’s Final say, petition for higher rarity) or less items within reason and as long as they make sense/relate to the game.

(subject to change!)

Hit me up with questions!

Episode 2 - Ancient Menace Arises

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