The Je'daii Great Temples

Great Temples

Temple Naar, The Je’daii Academy

Entrenched high upon the peaks of the mountains, the Academy has stood since the time of the Four Brothers of Legend. There the most brightest, athletic, and force attuned students are trained to be future leaders, scholars, and Rangers of Tython.

The Initiates are taught the philosophy of Ashla and Bogan, right and wrong, and how balance must always be maintained within oneself and the world around you. Once moving on to Padawan, they are taught Je’daii combat skills, with both weapons and their hands. Force training begins also, harnessing both Ashla and Bogan, but never straying to far into either. Besides class exercises, there is a lot of one on one training with a master. Usually one is chosen that is closest to the path the padawan has taken. At the end of their Padawan training, they are required to go on a journey to collect the materials needed to make their first Force Imbued Weapon.

Nestled at the foot of the mountain is a large city called Kes’rah (named after one of the brothers) A large portion of its population is Togarian, though many walks of life can be found there. Especially students looking for mischief.

Temple Relay, Je’daii Council

Home to the Je’daii Council, it is here that decisions that govern both Je’daii and the people of Tython are made. A ruling council, including the three Grand Masters from each of the Noble houses, a few other Masters, a military adviser, and Tython city leaders.

Engulfing Temple Relay, is one of the largest cities on Tython, Alara. Alara is home to Tython’s trade and commerce. There are all walks of life inhabiting the city, including the largest population of Blanks. Tython’s spaceport is also located in Alara.

The Tython Defense Force headquarters is on the outskirts of Alara. It houses the largest part of Tython’s military. Here soldiers are trained and equipped, for the protection of Tython. Much of the Blank population serves in the Tython Defense Force.

Temple Khoona, Temple of Knowledge

Temple Khoona has served as a repository of knowledge and wisdom for many generations. Here Je’daii can learn science and alchemy. Study the art of healing, with and without the use of the Force. Taught in the ways of writing, calligraphy, dancing, drawing, sculpture, cooking, music, and theater. One can also improve mental and sensory skills with the Force here.

Other Notable Temples

There are other smaller temples spread throughout Tython. Many were built in the past, but still used today. Others, for one reason or another were abandoned or destroyed.

Vur Tepe, The Forge

A large metal structure, the temple at Vur Tepe is located along the mouth of an active volcano along the Tythos Ridge. A place of study, students learned the ways of the Force through metallurgy and the construction of tools and weapons.

Akar Kesh, Temple of Balance

An open-air place of reflection, the Temple sits on a massive pylon of earth which juts up into the sky. From this temple, three rivers flow in different directions, each one pointing towards the Great Temples.

Anil Kesh, Temple of Wind

A large metal structure straddling the cliffs of a massive gorge known as the Chasm. Though abandoned, many come here to contemplate the force.

Qigong Kesh, Temple of Reflection

Located among the dunes of the Silent Desert.

The Je'daii Great Temples

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