37,000+- BBY (Before Battle of Yavin)

MeteorA cluster of meteors races through space at unimaginable speeds towards a planet within the deep core. The planet is a wild, primordial, rich with the Force, and stuck in a constant battle for balance between its two moons. Because of this constant struggle for balance, the world is plagued by Force storms; violent and naturally-occurring phenomenon which makes life difficult on the planet.

As if drawn right to the planet by an unseen hand, the cluster of meteors enters the atmosphere and begins to break apart into many pieces. Each piece of the cluster lands in a different location on the planet’s surface. Because of the disturbance of the meteors, the planet erupts into a force storm that covers the entire surface for a millennium.

Eventually the storms subside enough for life to emerge. Though chaotic and primal, three sentient species survive at the top of the chain.

35,000+- BBY

Tumblr ly2duiaput1r0o8onThe ancestors of the Je’daii were scholars and warriors devoted to the study of the Force. They soon learned that balance was necessary to the continued existence of life on the planet Tython. When the balance tipped too far in one direction, Tython itself responded in violent storms which shattered the earth and tore the sky. Fires cleansed the forests and quakes turned mountains to dust.

As they began to come to terms with their destiny, an Order was founded in which all Forceful beings could come together for a singular purpose. The Je’daii Order sought inner balance and peace, to bring balance to the world.

26,753 BBY

After many generations of peace and balance, Bogan began to Darken more and unbalance the world. A cult formed around this, and they began terrorizing the land. Four Je’daii brothers, though not of blood but of bond, emerged as heroes to fight against the tyranny.

After many years of fighting the Bogan cult, they found a way to defeat them but at the cost of one of the brothers life. (History is unclear on what happened).

Tythons society was in chaos and shambles, the brothers reformed the Je’daii order. The three remaining brothers sat on the Je’daii council, eventually becoming ruling Noble houses.

26,743 BBY+-

The first “Blanks” begin to appear, people completely cut off from the force. Starting out small, the percentage of Blanks quickly grew.

26,653 BBY+-

Space travel is created and a few more planets are found in the system.

26,453 BBY+-

Tension building for many years, a civil war breaks out between the Blanks and Force connected. The last remaining of the 4 brothers (his long age caused by the force) the Muarachan, brokers a treaty. Those blanks wanting to leave, migrate to one of the other planets in the system.

Eventually there is peace, commerce, and mining operations.

25,753 BBY (present day)

The Je’daii Order and its Rangers maintain the peace of Tython and its neighbors. Called in when the local authorities can’t handle it, or if there is an imbalance to the force. They ensure the safety of the people they are sworn to protect.


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